Implosion of the sign

polymer pipes, profiles and wire, LED light

Artistic installation with backlit graphics

Contemporary Art
Optical Illusion

Artistic installation with backlit graphics

Contemporary Art
Optical Illusion

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About Me

In 2017, I completed my PhD studies at the Graphic Arts
Department of the Warsaw Academy of Fine Arts, and
in 2012 I graduated with a specialization in illustration
and book design, and an annex to painting at the same

In my artistic work I do not limit myself to one medium
– graphics or painting – I do visual arts in a multidisciplinary way.

About My Work

A sign – it becames for me a pretext for visual considerations.
In the transformation I am subjecting it to, it becomes fully
autonomous. It acquires a completely different character
and is embedded in other realities. It no longer carries
the load of previous information. Only elements remain from
the original. Linear fragments fill empty space creating new
forms and their individual world.

Impossible figures are also in my holistic interests.
I interweave their features in the created compositions,
which eludes them from the plane in which they are inscribed.
The works that I consider finished are the essence I try to
bring out from the transformation process. It ceases to matter
what they were originally. Now they are pure abstraction – a being in itself.

Individual exhibitions:
· Paintings, National Museum of Fine Arts, Moscow, Russia, 2015;
· “Transitional forms”, “Matulka” Gallery, Milanówek, Poland, 2017;
· “Implosion of the sign” Gallery of the Faculty of Graphic Arts
of the Academy of Fine Arts, 2020.

Group exhibitions:
· “Meetings with graphics”; Van Gogh Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2007;
· “Symbols of Euro 2012”; Museum of Sport and Tourism, Warsaw, Poland, 2007;
· exhibition of photographs “21 People”; Stairs Gallery, Warsaw, Poland, 2008;
· “Symbols of Euro 2012”; Museum of Sports Glory of Ukraine, Kiev, Ukraine, 2008;
· “Structures”, Gallery of Young Artists “Łazienkowska”, Warsaw, Poland, 2011;
· “Kissprint”, Soho Factory, Warsaw, Poland, 2012.

Artistic installation box with backlit graphics - tlo_26

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