2017-2019, Impossible Light

2017-2019, Impossible Light

Impossible light is a series of spatial installations reduced to the home dimension frendly. This series is a kind of commentary on the condition of contemporary art and its decorative aspect. Outcomer brings the work to the rank of a product. It uses the highest quality materials to present the “product” as well as possible visually. The illuminated graphics on the front tempt the viewer’s eyes with its color. The multi-layer outer shell gives the impression of good quality plastic. Each “product” has a guarantee. It comes with a user manual and has an adapter for connection in various regions around the world. The voltage range in which the “products” operate is 100-240V. The entire series bears the “Impossible Light” logo. The laser cut logotope on the left side of each box is also an induction switch. Just Tap to turn on or off the graphic backlight. This also underlines the treatment of an artwork as a gadget.

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I. Turning the Art Box on and off

1. Place the Art Box to its destination.
2. Before inserting the plug into the wall outlet, read the following information.
As a standard, the Art Box is equipped with devices with a rated voltage of 100-240V, so it will work in the countries in which the above applies. The Art Box has a C-type plug. For your convenience, we attach to the product a power adapter that allows you to connect the Art Box to a wall outlet (applies to countries where there is a different type of plug-ins).
3. To turn on the lighting place your hand on the logo placed on the left side of the box.
4. To turn off the lighting, also place your hand on the logo or disconnect the plug from wall outlet.

II. Cleaning and precautions

1. Clean the art box from dust using a soft and dry cloth. Do not use milks and liquids containing abrasive grain.
2. Electric product, do not clean with water!
3. The product contains an electric braided wire. Protected from animals that could bite it!
4. Electrical product – do not let children play with the Art Box!
5. The product should be placed in a place that prevents it from falling over or falling off. Due to the weight of the product (approx. 6 kg) there is a risk of crushing or pulping.

III. Natural wear of components

1. The Art Box contains lighting elements that can be worn, then the intensity of light will be reduced. This is a natural process that is not covered by the guarantee.

IV. Service

1. Repairs and interventions in the Art Box may only be made by the manufacturer.
2. Damage or removal by the customer of plastic feet on the bottom of the product will void the warranty.
3. In the case of a lighting failure, the device being in the warranty period should be sent back to the manufacturer, and the complaint should be reported to info@outcomer.com in advance (warranty conditions are available on request).
4. In the case of a lighting failure, the device after the warranty period can be repaired by the manufacturer. Information about paid post-warranty repair you can find in the FAQ section of store.outcomer.com. The willingness to repair should be reported by e-mail to info@outcomer.com and accept repair costs which will be sent in response.

V. Other information

1. Product category: visual arts
2. A product intended for internal use.
3. The Art Box should be protected against moisture and strong mechanical vibrations.
4. Do not cover the Art Box during its work.
5. Do not connect the Art Box if the power cable is damaged. Do not make any unassisted repair and modification.
6. Dimensions: 32x32x32cm
7. Packaging dimensions: 45x45x45cm
8. Weight: ~ 6kg
9. Weight with packaging: ~ 10kg
10. Cable length ~ 3m
11. Rated voltage: 100-240V
12. Rated frequency: ~ 10W
13. Contents of the packaging: The Art Box with power cord and C-type power plug, power adaptor, user manual.